The Promise: Acts 2:39

The file below is around 17 megs. If you have to wait a moment or two before the blue action menu appears, take the time to plug in your headphones. Then crank up the volume, hit the play arrow on the blue action bar (if necessary) and enjoy being pointed to the Promise fulfilled and delivered "for you and for your children." Please wait for the download and if we need to get an even smaller file up, please email and let us know.

The music is by the Trans Siberian Orchestra. May we suggest you buy the CD? The kids are from Good Shepherd Lutheran School. It was the week before Christmas break and the teachers were doing crafts with the kids. Not one to do glitter and glue, I asked my Latin kids if they wanted to make a move. This is it.

The Promise is God's and it is kept in Christ and delivered through His Gifts of Word, Water, Bread and Wine. These are the Sacred Mysteries and Sacraments He places in His Church for your salvation - for you and for your children. God grant that this humble offering be for the encouragement of many. And please remember . . .

The children are waiting . . . and God has already kept what He promised.

The children are waiting . . . for the Promise delivered to them freely through His Holy Gifts.