Conversion Week 1

The file below is around 50 megs. It is mainly audio, with some video added. Occasionally, I get the "Max Headroom" jerks going, because I used my laptops webcam for the added video. Not the best choice, I'm afraid, but it is what it is. I added the video to help those who were not in attendance better understand a few points. It was the firsts night of our class on Conversion, and I thought some clarification was needed. Forgive the jerks and low quality. The school kids liked the distorted image of the web cam on the still image I used for promotion, but I'm not sure it works so well for video. Look past the ugly mug of the guy in front of the camera and listen to the teaching. A still image of St. Paul fills the screen for most of the audio, since the occasion of this series was the Conversion of St. Paul, observed Sunday, Jan. 25. Scripture readings scroll over that image, so don't look away the entire time. This wasn't meant to be exciting visually, but to add a little more to what the plain audio provides. You may also download and listen to just the MP3.